All knowledge about Antidetect Browser you must know


Antidetect Browser brings a variety of benefits to help MMOs and businesses easily manage their own sales and advertising accounts without being blocked by big platforms. Let’s learn more about Antidetect Browser in the below sections

1. What is the Antidetect Browser definition?

Antidetect Browser is a software which changes the browser fingerprint and allows you to work with multiple profiles at the same time. This application is based on popular browsers like Chrome. These softwares are operated on the principle of creating multiple browsers with different IP addresses, which is unrelated to each other as they are used on separate servers. Besides, it supports mass management of accounts on only one computer at the same time. As a result, when using Antidetect Browser, users can assure that they will be able to minimize the exposure to be scanned or blocked by some websites and platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Facebook, Google, Binace, Huobi, Twitter, Telegram,…..

2. What features does Antidetect Browser have?

Antidetect Browser includes some features as below:

– Emulating User Agent

– Emulating Browser of different operating systems including: Windows, MacOs, Linux,…. for computer version and Android, IOS for phone version

– Proxy emulator includes the Proxy sessions like http, socks4, socks5,…

– Emulating Timezone by IP

– Emulating Geolocation by IP

– Emulating WebRTC 

– Emulating Hardware parameter 

– Emulating Software parameter 

The perfect emulation called Browser Fingerprint will help users to be completely anonymous when accessing websites and platforms.

3. The applications of Antidetect Browser.

3.1 For Dropshipping and E-Commerce business.

Basically, both E-commerce business people or Drop Shipping businesses must have sales accounts on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, etc.

To be able to sell more effectively as well as earn profit, users tend to create and raise a lot of sales accounts to serve their desires.

The problem here is that users are creating and managing multiple sales accounts on the same device, but they don’t take any precautionary measures to anonymize. When platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart scan the account activity to prevent fraud, these accounts will automatically be blocked and locked.

Antidetect Browser helps E-Commerce business people and Dropshipping people emulate the necessary parameters of the browser so that E-commerce platforms do not realize that a user is managing many accounts. Thereby helping users’ accounts to bypass the control of these e-commerce platforms.

3.2 For business in the field of Checkout (buying for households).

Checkout’s users have to create and maintain numerous accounts of buyers (buyers’ accounts) to serve the Checkout (buying on behalf of others). Raising multiple buyer accounts will also be blocked, locked if the e-commerce platforms scan and they detect that one person is operating many buyer accounts.

Antidetect Browser supports Checkout users to simulate specifications for their browser to stay anonymous, not being detected that they are using a device with lots of accounts.

3.3 For advertising.

Antidetect Browser helps platforms such as Facebook, Google ads, Tiktok ads, … not be able to detect that users are using a lot of vias to serve the purpose of advertisement. Antidetect Browser helps to identify each via you create as an independent user without any suspicion.

3.4 For the Crypto field.

Antidetect Browser creates a clean environment to help you to create and maintain twitter accounts for airdrops or create accounts on Binance, Huobi exchanges, which can help people to get benefit from referral programs and affiliate marketing.

4. Some Antidetect Browser softwares.

4.1. Hidemium – The best Antidetect Browser in Vietnam.

Hidemium has integrated and fully completed the functions of Antidetect Browser such as creating anonymous browsers, helping users to be completely anonymous on e-commerce and Crypto platforms, supporting users to create multiple accounts to advertise,  reg acc, maintaining via…, saving user’s profiles on both Cloud and Local,….

Furthermore, Hidemium has made breakthrough improvements, making this software to be the top Antidetect Browser in Vietnam:

– Hidemium is the first software in Vietnam and the second one in the world that uses both Firefox and Chrome, it supports for user’s operations in Checkout, reg acc. Users will have suitable options with fingerprint browsers based on their needs. It can also provide special support for the Checkout service, which increases 10-20% of successful Checkout orders, and makes the Checkout menu smoother and faster.

– Hidemium continuously updates new computer / smartphone (iOS, Android), browser, operating system parameters in order to create a large amount of data source which may help users to create various different types of machine parameters.

– Clear cache profile feature: this feature releases all cache data (this data is quite heavy when using multiple profiles).

– Feature to remember profile tab when suddenly turned off

– Hidemium now has an ecosystem of supporting tools, so Hidemium clients will have the opportunity to use other tools with cheaper price and easier to buy.

– Hidemium offers a free captcha solution, in case of a captcha, the device will automatically solve it for you.

Nowadays, among lots of crack softwares, Hidemium is programmed by experienced programmers who always care about customer’s comments and regularly improve products. After the success in the Vietnamese market, Hidemium has plans to continue entering the international market to bring the best experience to users around the world.

What is the timezone in the fingerprint?

1. Definition of timezone in fingerprint

According to Darkwave Technologies, the timezone in fingerprint is the collection of time zone identifiers and related parameters to identify a user’s geographic location on the Internet. When a user visits a website or web application, the information about the current timezone and parameters such as screen resolution, language format, web browser and operating system are sent to the computer’s owner. This information will be used to generate a unique browser fingerprint to identify the user’s geographic location. Some tools like TimezoneDB can be used to decode this information and determine the exact geographic location of the user.

2. Security issues related to timezone in fingerprint

2.1. How does the timezone in fingerprint affect users?

These are important issues that need to be handled, especially in the security and privacy aspect. To be specific:

– Privacy and Security: The collection and use of information may compromise user’s privacy. Some third parties may use this information to gain unauthorized access to a user’s services or to monitor their activity online. 

– Adjusting timezone and affecting browser fingerprints: When users change the timezone on their system, this can change the information in their fingerprints. This leads to difficult to identify geolocation and causes confusion for web applications or advertisers. As a consequence, this can impact on user experience, especially in accessing online services such as banking, e-commerce, etc.

– Changing in timezone and affecting user experience: When moving to a different timezone, using timezone in fingerprint can cause confusion for web applications or advertisers because they will guess wrongly the user’s geographic location. Besides, users may also face difficulty synchronizing information between their devices when traveling to a region with a different timezone.

2.2. Some ways to reduce risk

To prevent timezone in fingerprint, users need:

– Turn off timezone crawling: For sites or apps that unnecessarily collect timezone information, owners can disable this feature to minimize the risk of violating their privacy and security.

– Adjust the timezone on the computer: If users feel that collecting timezone information might reduce their privacy, they can adjust the timezone on their computer manually, instead of letting the system automatically adjust the timezone.

– Limit browser access: Users can use privacy management software to limit browser access and prevent the collection of timezone information from websites and applications.

– Using antidetect browser: Users can use privacy management software such as HIDEMIUM antidetect browser to control information shared and collected from websites and applications.

3. Conclusion

From the HIDEMIUM’s information, hopefully you have a good understanding of the influence of timezone in fingerprints. Users need to actively protect personal information by various measures and HIDEMIUM is a good suggestion. 

What is WebRTC in fingerprint?

1. Overview of WebRTC in fingerprint

1.1. Definition

– WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication): It is a technology that supports direct communication (peer-to-peer) among browsers, which allows us to transmit audio, video and data directly between two different browsers without going through an intermediary server. This technology is already integrated in most modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge. (According to TechTarget)

– WebRTC can also be used to collect user browser information which is known as WebRTC Fingerprinting. When a website requests access to the user’s camera or microphone, the browser displays a window asking for access. However, through WebRTC, the website may also collect information about the user’s browser, such as screen resolution, CPU speed, browser version and operating system.

1.2. What is the role of WebRTC in fingerprint?

Information which is collected through WebRTC fingerprints can be used for creating a unique browser fingerprint for each user. This information can be used to track and identify users in various websites, even when they use a proxy or VPN. This can track and monitor user privacy and security, especially when the information is collected in a heterogeneous and unclear way.

2. Some ways to prevent WebRTC in fingerprint

There are several ways to minimize the possibility of WebRTC in fingerprints as below:

– Disable WebRTC: The simplest way to prevent WebRTC Fingerprint is to disable it in the browser. This will prevent any information from being collected through WebRTC, but it may also prevent communication functions directly in the browser.

– Use a WebRTC blocker: There are various WebRTC blocking apps that can help users to prevent this activity on their browser which helps users to keep their privacy and security when accessing the internet.

– Use anonymous browsing: Some anonymous browsers like Tor or Brave enable to reduce the possibility of fingerprinting. However, using an incognito browser can reduce access speed and user experience.

– Use antidetect browser: There are many browser extensions that can help users to prevent browser fingerprints like HIDEMIUM antidetect browser by minimizing the amount of information collected about their browser.

3. Conclusion

WebRTC in fingerprint is a method of collecting user’s browser information on the internet in an unclear and heterogeneous way through WebRTC technology. However, users can minimize the possibility of being tracked and monitored by turning off WebRTC, using a WebRTC blocking application, using an incognito browser or using fingerprinting blocking extensions. Preventing fingerprints helps users to protect their privacy and security when accessing the internet.

What is hardware concurrency in fingerprint?

One of the important factors in a browser fingerprint is the hardware concurrency. Let’s find out with HIDEMIUM through the below article.

1. What is hardware concurrency in fingerprint?

Hardware concurrency: It is a navigator factor that indicates how many CPU processors are allocated on the user’s browser to run strands. (According to University of Ottawa)

Hardware concurrency in fingerprint: This is a technique which is used to create a unique fingerprint of a computer system based on some information such as: the numbers of CPU core, the numbers of processor, the numbers of cores processing (threads) and the ability to handle multithreading (concurrency) of the graphics card (GPU) and processor (CPU) on the computer system. This information is combined with other information such as the operating system, browser and other parameters of the computer to create a unique set of fingerprints.

2. How to detect and prevent hardware concurrency in fingerprints?

2.1. What kind of information can be collected?

Some of the specific hardware concurrency information in fingerprints may collect include:

– Number of processors on CPU or GPU

– Number of processing cores on CPU or GPU

– GPU resolution

– CPU and GPU memory and bandwidth parameters

So what can the hardware concurrency in fingerprints be used for?

This can be a useful resource for businesses to deliver targeted ads which are more likely to connect with specific users. They can conclude users’ preferences, buying habits, and online behavior by reviewing and analyzing hardware concurrency in fingerprints. As a result, the business is likely to be more successful and generate more profits. However, this can seriously affect the privacy of users because they have been tracked and monitored without their permission. In addition to advertising, the obtained information can be used for various things such as data trading, falsifying profiling, identity stealing, etc.

2.2. Some ways to protect your data

Here are some methods for you to save security:

– Use antidetect browser: HIDEMIUM antidetect browser supports security, allowing users to manage a large number of accounts from e-commerce platforms, social networks, forums,…. from any suppliers. At the same time, HIDEMIUM can help you to make unlimited changes to the browser fingerprint, user-agent and the actual parameters of computers.

– Install browser extensions: Some browsers such as Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin, which can prevent or restrict the use of hardware concurrency fingerprints. In addition, you can also use a hardware firewall (firewall) to block websites from accessing private data about your computer.

The above measures can reduce the risk of the user’s computer browser fingerprinting being tracked and protect their privacy.

3. Conclusion

Hardware concurrency in fingerprints is becoming more and more popular in internet user surveillance. However, this sometimes causes inconvenience to users and violates their privacy. Therefore, Internet users need to use protection tools to prevent information collection.

What is a Browser Fingerprint? How to effectively emulate Browser Fingerprint?

Using VPN, Proxy or similar software does not seem to be effective enough to keep you safe from account scans of E-Commerce, Advertising, Crypto platforms. To help you stay completely safe, avoid storms through these scans, you need to understand and have knowledge of Browser Fingerprint and Antidetect Browser.

1. What is a Browser Fingerprint?

So we can understand that Browser Fingerprint is created by the combination of hardware and software parameters in the computer. Each type of browser on the same device will have its own browser fingerprint. It can be considered as unique because the behavior of each user’s computer and browser settings is different.

2. What information will Browser Fingerprint collect?

Browser Fingerprint is established when the platform collects all information about your current device including your software,  hardware, hardware and software setup behavior:


Installed Fonts


Is adblock set or not

Pixel ratio

CPU class

Color Depth




Screen Resolution


The collection and storage of users’ Browser Fingerprint information helps platforms to prevent fraud on their sales policies and operating regulations. 

3. Ways to block (disable) Browser Fingerprint

There are some ways to block (disable) Browser Fingerprint:

3.1 Disable Javascript

Browser Fingerprint has data collection scripts, which are written in Javascript, thus, you just need to disable Javascript then Browser Fingerprint is also blocked. However, this may have a slight effect on your browsing experience and there is a possibility that you may not be able to use the website anymore.

3.2 Using TorButton

Using Tor browser to standardize all browser characteristics and block fingerprint collection features. However, this method does not apply in the case of Check out or hide the website’s administrator.

3.3. Block Browser Fingerprint (Canvas) parameter in Chrome and Firefox

Instead of blocking Canvas fingerprints entirely, the Canvas Defender extension creates a form of fake signature and continuously hides your real canvas fingerprint. This extension protects you while browsing both in normal and private mode.

4. The limitation when disabling Fingerprint Browser

4.1 The limitation in browser selection

Depending on the purposes and needs, you can choose the appropriate browser. However, not all browsers have features to protect user privacy, so please consider choosing the right one for you!

4.2 Extensions Limitation

Extensions help you to customize the details and behavior of the browser, unfortunately, the providers will limit some editing capabilities.

Therefore, extensions can’t replace the measures taken by providers to improve privacy, so they won’t be as optimized as you’d like!

4.3 Poor browsing experience

When you block Browser Fingerprint, fake attributes will cause the website to misunderstand you, thereby it also leads to inappropriate recommendations. Moreover, when the browser fingerprint is wrongly recognized, some websites may block you.

5. Solutions to emulate Browser Fingerprint without disabling it?

The Fingerprint Browser emulation is considered as an optimal choice. The emulator will remove all limitations when blocking Fingerprint Browser, which makes browsing on E-Commerce, Advertising, Crypto platforms to be the most natural.

HIDEMIUM is a software which helps you to simulate Browser Fingerprint parameters accurately. We own millions of computer hardware and software parameters that you can customize according to your needs for Browser Fingerprint indicators.

Emulating Browser Fingerprint in the most natural way in HIDEMIUM creates a multiple of browsers with different browser fingerprints, this helps you easily create and maintain accounts in E-Commerce, Advertising, Crypto… without being worried about scan or block.

Emulating Browser Fingerprint through HIDEMIUM software helps you to pass account scanning from E-Commerce, Advertising, Crypto platforms effectively. Register for an account and use it for free today at

How to register multiple Ebay sales accounts on the same device?

When you register a large number of Ebay accounts on the same device without any protection, there is a risk of being marked as spam and they will activate the protection barrier. This will make your current access being blocked or even they will lock your accounts. So are there any methods to handle this issue? I would like to share with you in this essay !

1. How to register for an Ebay sales account?

Step 1: Go to the following link:

Step 2: Select the type of account to create ( you need to choose a personal account or a business account).

Step 3: Fill in the registration information (name, email, password, .. and then possibly more in-depth information such as address, phone number).

Step 4: Confirm the registration information via email, which is entered in step 3.

Step 5: Update the necessary personal information.

Step 6: Set up payment via paypal or bank account 

Step 7: Upgrade to Seller account

Only with the above 7 steps, you can successfully register your Ebay account.

2. How to register multiple Ebay accounts on the same device?

If you create a lot of Ebay accounts on the same device and the same internet IP address, it will inevitably lead to Ebay flagging as spam and even IP blocking and they will block all Ebay accounts which are ever logged in on your device.

Thus, what will the solution be? If you register each sales account with each device with a separate address, you will definitely not be spammed and locked to your account.

Using Antidetect Browser can help you to change Browser Fingerprint parameter information, hardware and software parameters of your current device through each browser created. It is an independent IP, no duplication and cannot be found the original IP. With this antidetect browser, you can easily create a lot of virtual environments for creating Ebay sales accounts (also known as Ebay reg acc) on the same device.

Antidetect Browser HIDEMIUM is a software that helps you change browser fingerprint information, computer device’s hardware, software and even ip. This helps you to create a clean virtual environment to easily register multiple Ebay sales accounts. 

Download HIDEMIUM now to use and make more profit !

Learn about fonts in fingerprint

1. Overview of fonts in fingerprint

1.1. Definition of font in fingerprint

One of the simplest methods to collect information when accessing the Internet is font in fingerprint. JavaScript can be used for this, your font choice will make it easy for others to find when you click on a web page.

To Be specific, font in fingerprint is a method to identify browsers. Even if the user doesn’t have any credentials, this method can be used to differentiate the browser (According to Browser Leaks).

Example: To display ads or detect the browser on subsequent visits, this method shows and establishes sample text using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets, which is used to simplify the process of creating a website). Then, it will generate a hash code (hash code – input variable is something of any length and then using algorithms to turn it into a standard output of a certain length) using a variety of data obtained from the sample. The result of this calculation is converted into a hash for some fonts. The print spooler provides a pretty good unique ID because it depends on the browser’s ability to display the font.

1.2. Methods to recognize fonts in fingerprint

Font fingerprint is the combination of identification techniques based on the fonts you use and how your browser renders them. Websites can usually recognize fonts by below methods:

1.2.1. Assessing font metrics

Unique identification based on font measurement can be quite similar with Canvas fingerprint. Because Canvas receives information about the drawn pixels and measurements inside the bounding boxes so the font technique is less effective.

1.2.2. Fonts list enumeration

CSS is the most common technique, which is used for collecting a list of fonts on your computer. Going into more details, this method will measure the phrase width when your browser generates a particular font, then it will get the range of fonts you are using.

If the width doesn’t match, it could be the case of a missing font. If the width matches, it proves that you have installed and used that font.

Therefore, websites can determine which fonts are installed on the computer based on the font list and metrics.

2. Are there ways to avoid identifying fonts in fingerprints?

Users can manage several browsers to protect against font fingerprints. In order to imitate the native functionality in those browsers, you can download a browser extension. After that, you would change the CSS font property and make the fingerprint data to be difficult to recognize. There are two widely used techniques for this

Some browsers or extensions create font metrics with random noise (i.e. undetectable noise for various metrics like width or height), which will produce The hash code of the unreliable identity.

Others place these noises in random positions to ensure that every fingerprint is different from the previous one. The previous technique generates a unique ID and because of the “new” browser, its information is protected. Many studies show that generating random IDs on each visit protects users’ information more effectively.

In fact, websites can also access the font list in your system by Flash plugin or Java Applet. This information will be sent to a server in the background via AJAX, hence, be careful whenever you enable plugins in your browser settings. With the exclusive algorithm from HIDEMIUM antidetect browser, you can completely control and manage any font. HIDEMIUM will automatically generate a random font list and display them on web pages when the user creates and saves a profile.

3. Conclusion

In conclusion, we have outlined the basic elements that make up fonts as well as some tips to help avoiding font recognition in fingerprints. Please consider the risks and choose the right protection method to minimize the disclosure of information on the Internet.

Anti-detect browser for E-commerce and Dropshipping

The e-commerce market is expanding and developing more and more these days. This is a big challenge for online shop owners because there are various competitors, this makes them need to have strategies to attract customers. In order to do this effectively, retailers need to have reliable, secure tools and software to help them reach potential customers more effectively, as HIDEMIUM is a prime example.

What are e-commerce and dropshipping?

E-commerce (E-Commerce) is a kind of online business which uses an information technology platform with the support of the Internet to conduct online purchase, sale, exchange and payment transactions.

Dropshipping is a business model that bypasses shipping. Sellers will not need to import goods or store in inventory, they only need to care about selling and tracking orders.

Each model has its own unique characteristics, depending on the conditions and long-term goals of each business, they will choose the suitable online business form.

These 2 forms have the same point that e-commerce sellers or dropshipping sellers operate on e-commerce platforms such as shopee, eBay, etc.

When selling on e-commerce platforms, sellers often have two sales styles: build a brand and focus all their resources on developing it or building a lot of stores in order to maximize the reach of customers to be able to sell more products.

When applying the second method, sellers will often face the issue of being locked out of their stores or having their accounts restricted for spam reasons. The reason that leads to spam is because of too many sales accounts and sales shops on the same computer device. 

On these e-commerce platforms, they have a system which can retrieve your network parameters, IP address so when you log in too many accounts with the same parameters and network IP address. This leads to all sales accounts being marked as spam and locked.

Now, the solution is to create environments with lots of different hardware, software parameters of computer and different network addresses for each of your sales accounts and stores.

Why are Antidetect Browser used for e-commerce sales and dropshipping sales?

Antidectect Browser creates various clean environments to manage and take care of multiple accounts efficiently on the same computer device.

Antidetect Browser features include:

Emulating User Agent

Emulating Browser of different operating systems including: Windows, MacOs, Linux, etc. for computer version and Android, IOS for phone version

Proxy emulator includes the common Proxy sessions such as: http, socks4, socks5,…

Emulating Timezone by IP

Emulating Geolocation by IP

Emulating WebRTC 

Emulating Hardware parameter 

Emulating Software parameter

Or in general, changing the fingerprint browser.

How can Antidetect Browsers bring benefits to merchants?

Support sellers to raise a huge number of sales accounts with high security and not be locked: Antidetect Browser helps E-commerce merchants and Dropshipping people to simulate the necessary parameters of the browser. Additionally, it helps E-Commerce platforms to not realize that a single user is managing a lot of accounts. As a result, users’ accounts can bypass the control of these e-commerce platforms.

Increase market coverage, increase revenue: Anti-detection tool allows users to create a variety of accounts and use them to increase customer reach and then increase sales.

Anti-detection browser allows you to “cover up” negative reviews by substituting a large number of positive reviews to help you gain trust from the most demanding customers.

Anti-detect Browser & Automation Browser HIDEMIUM.

HIDEMIUM is currently the leading Antidetect Browser software in Vietnam which allows users to create many virtual environments to maintain e-commerce sales and dropshipping accounts.

HIDEMIUM fully meets the parameter simulation features to create an extremely large number of more than billion fingerprint units for users.

HIDEMIUM has an ecosystem of supporting tools, so HIDEMIUM customers will have the opportunity to use other tools at a cheaper price and easier to buy.

HIDEMIUM offers a free captcha solution, in case of a captcha the machine will automatically solve it for you.In addition, there is an automation feature. 

In Automation HIDEMIUM, there is an Ebay automatic farming script for MMO customers, allowing users to manipulate multiple accounts at the same time and increasing account interaction with the exchange.

Can create auto script to browse the web to maintain acc, raise via_clone

Can create auto reg acc 

Can create scripts for customization according to your creativity

Drag and drop along the web browser 

Browse the web like a real person

Unlimited creativity

Automation Pro HIDEMIUM was developed with the aim of helping the community in MMO, Airdrop, maintaining via_clone advertising. People can create the necessary tools for themselves, serve the business without worrying about being limited by imagination


Currently HIDEMIUM allows you to try 10 free profiles for free in 3 days. Download the app and register now for free use and special offers.

Notes about Proxy that contains multiple Facebook accounts

Using Proxy to maintain lots of Facebook accounts is an important issue for those who are making money through Facebook. Nowadays, there are many individuals and organizations that need a lot of Facebook accounts to do their business. However, they certainly won’t be able to do this with only 1 IP address. Therefore, using a Proxy to change the IP address of the Facebook account is significant.

1. Why do you need a proxy?

There are many individuals who wonder why we need to create lots of Facebook accounts. they suppose that if only for selling online, three or five accounts are enough. By contrast, I believe that apart from selling products online, various accounts can also do others tasks as below:

  • Increase credibility for sales accounts such as posting comments, likes…
  • Share live stream, increase live stream viewer.
  • Facebook marketing.
  • Advertise in groups to find potential customers.
  • Play games to earn money.
  • Play some online apps…
  • Using multiple accounts is very necessary to avoid the case of being blocked by Facebook. Especially when using them to run ads or increase likes and live stream viewers… Last but not least, having multiple Facebook accounts will be very beneficial if you are doing Facebook marketing.

Proxy can bring many benefits for customers such as:

  • Support to maintain multiple Facebook accounts at the same time.
  • The Facebook account still has the IP address as the real user.
  • You can build thousands of highly reliable Facebook nicknames.
  • Effective online sales interaction.
  • Support Facebook marketing.
  • Reach more potential customers.

2. Types of popular proxies these days:

There are 3 common proxies as below:

– Residential Proxy

This is an intermediary server between you and the website you are trying to visit. This server has an IP address, which is assigned by the Internet service provider (ISP) itself and it is not a datacenter.

Each Residential IP is a desktop (PC) or mobile device that can identify a physical location on a given map.

These days, internet traffic from residential proxies likes requests from a person who are residing anywhere in the world. This has made residential proxy networks highly efficient and immune to many things.

You can simply understand that a Residential Proxy is just an IP address which is provided to many users at a given time. The most attractive feature between renting residential proxies compared to other types of proxies is lower cost.

– Datacenter Proxy: 

Proxy Datacenter is also known as a fixed proxy, these proxy servers are located in data centers (called Datacenter). When using this proxy service, you will see that the IP address will not change during the entire use.

In fact, Datacenter Proxy are created from Datacenters of a certain region. This type of proxy is only concentrated in a certain location if you look up on a map of the distribution of IP addresses. This can create a common situation in which many IPs with the same actual address are located on the map.

Datacenter Proxy doesn’t really come from internet service providers, they come from another third party. Data center proxies are just opposite numbers connected to the real internet.

Datacenter proxies currently have nothing to do with your internet connection or internet service provider. Datacenter proxies are completely independent of residential proxies.

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