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Multibrowser sotfware

All knowledge about Antidetect Browser you must know

Antidetect Browser brings a variety of benefits to help MMOs and businesses easily manage their own sales and advertising accounts without being blocked by big platforms. Let's learn more about Antidetect Browser in the below sections 1. What is the…


What is WebRTC? Do sites collect WebRTC fingerprints?

What is WebRTC? WebRTC is a technology used to transmit real-time audio and video on web browsers. This means that it allows users to make online video and audio calls without the need for external software or applications. WebRTC is…


Big Update Hidemium 2.1.3

We are proud to announce our Big Update: New Browser Core Versions of Hidemium of 2.1.3! Previous versions will automatically update to this version without interrupting your work ✅ More advanced configuration options in the "new profile" screen Download link:…



In response to feedback from our valued users and customers, we are excited to announce that our popular Multibrowser product will now be known as Hidemium. We understand that the name of a product is crucial in conveying its purpose…